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NCAA has ruined the meaning of Title IX

March 23, 2022 2 min read

NCAA has ruined the meaning of Title IX

The cut and dry issue is this: Fair sport does not allow someone in Group A to compete in Group B, when Group B’s category was specifically separated & created based on the extreme physiological advantage of Group A. (Examples of Group A & B: 18yr old & U12 soccer, Olympian & Paralympics, MLB player & Little League, dirty athlete & clean sport).
Fair sport does not allow any athlete to cross over to a disadvantaged category on the basis of identity because identity is not the basis for the separation. Different sport categories were created to allow fair access to success and opportunity and are based on extremely different natural ranges of physiological advantage/disadvantage.
We can respect and honor the identity of trans girls/women and still defend the integrity of fair sport. The non-inclusion narrative needs to be changed to the simple fact that trans females are blessed with a physiological advantage, extreme enough to have warranted a separate category, in sport. Period.
Do we tell trans females the hurtful lie that they can’t cross category lines because they are anti-LGBT victims or do we tell them it’s because they are fortunate enough to possess a physical advantage that makes it unfair for them to compete against CIS women? This is not hate. This is fair sport. Crossing category lines in sport is cheating.
For those who do not understand the extent of this advantage, please see the below stats. Not only would 3-6,000 male HS athletes rank 1st in the female rankings, in each event, but hundreds of them would smash the women’s professional world record in that event, each year.
2021 United States HS T&F Rankings from MileSplit.com
11.09 for 100 Meters: Girls #1 rank, Boys #2,937th rank.
52.54 for 400 Meters: Girls #1 rank, Boys #6,661st rank.
4:37 for 1600 meters: Girls #1 rank, Boys #5,482nd rank.
20’7.25” for Long Jump: Girls #1 rank, Boys #5,482nd rank.
Allyson Felix’s amazing 200 M American HS Record, set in 2003, was beat by 2,487 HS boys last year. Are you ok if the 2,485th 200m boy had transitioned to female and now had one of the longest standing records in their name? Or any one of last year’s top 850 HS boys transitioning and taking Allyson’s spot on last year’s Olympic Team? I’m not. Please don’t mess with the history and integrity of this sport I love.
Please stop using the anti-LGBT basket to try and get good people to jump on the bandwagon for something so hurtful and wrong. This has nothing to do with L, G or B athletes and only involves the issue of T females competing against CIS females, in sports.
We simply believe if we are to separate based on fairness, T females should truly get their own category to compete under.