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The Web of Biden and Ukraine Collusion

March 16, 2022 2 min read

The Web of Biden and Ukraine Collusion

The role of NATO— the trans-Atlantic military alliance founded in 1949 specifically to counter the Soviet Empire in Europe — has been expanding eastward and a nagging thorn in Putins side since 1991 through 2000, aka Bill Clinton years. Now 2008-2016, 2020-present. Obama/Biden years.
Indeed, documents show a pattern of promises US negotiators made to their Russian counterparts as well as internal policy discussions opposing NATO expansion to Eastern Europe.
Basically putting an anti soviet military together but not calling it that. Having half assed conversations to include Russia but never formally inviting them.
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union the Eastern European military alliance, the Warsaw Pact, disbanded in 1991. US president Bill Clinton pursued Partnership for Peace, which Russia joined in 1994. However, there was disagreement over whether that was an alternative to NATO membership or a pathway to it.
In 1997 NATO and Russia signed the "Founding Act" on mutual relations, cooperation, and security, and the NATO-Russia Council was founded in 2002, both of which were intended to boost cooperation. Moscow received access and a permanent presence at NATO headquarters in Brussels. But this exchange has been largely halted since Russia's attack on Ukraine in 2014.
Blatantly disregarding Russias requests to not expand and then putting the Presidents, SOH, and other members of congress kids in Ukraine on boards of Burisma. The border of Russia.
The left boasted fake claims of Russia, Russia, Russia collusion in the 2016 election and forced Russia to clearly state “No, we did not do anything” yet Hillary was embarrassed she lost.
The 2020 election has an endless list of actual voter fraud, ballot harvesting, and corruption. Trump is accused of coercing the Ukrainian President to investigate Burisma and fake Impeachment ensued by the left.
The left has encouraged Ukraine to join NATO and even pissed Putin off enough in 2014 to force Russia to annex Crimea under ol Joe (who was in charge of this relationship, according to Obama)
Putin has openly stated to Biden in 2013 and 2022;
"If Ukraine were to join NATO, it would serve as a direct threat to the security of Russia," Putin said in televised speech, during which he described Ukraine as a "springboard" for a NATO strike against Russia.
NATO has dismissed Putin's sense of encirclement, given Russia's massive size that extends to the Pacific Ocean. However, the vast majority of the Russian population lives on the country's European side.
Joe Biden and NATO's mistake was not so much the actual enlargement, but with not taking seriously the Russian view that it had been betrayed since the 1990’s and as recently as 2014 and 2022.